Competency certificate (rating license) which will be obtained

PKP-PK Personnel Education and Training provides basic education and training for PKP-PK personnel in handling emergency response at airports with a rating level obtained at each level of PKP-PK personnel training in accordance with ICAO standards and national standards. PPKP Poltekbang Palembang DIII Study Program is one of the PKP-PK personnel education and training institutions that has been accredited by the Director General, with Certificate No: I / LD-PKP-PK.003 / DKP / II / 2016. The PPKP DIII Study Program provides competency certificates and licenses for DIII PPKP cadets as follows:

  1. Competency certificates for Basic, Junior, Senior and PKP-PK Maintenance Techniques
  2. Refresher training competency certificates such as Fire-fighting Engineering, BA SET operation, and FTODD.
  3. PKP-PK Service Personnel License with a Basic rating